Site Usage Agreement

 The Egmarketingclub
uses a strict system regarding the information stored on its websites, which is
concerned with research and results, developing customer service, coordinating
the interests and visits, and meeting customer search needs more easily in the
future. We do not collect your personal information for the purpose of
espionage or trafficking

 . Privacy Policy:

First, you are required to save
your data on our databases, which we are keen to secure by all available
security means that prevent the seizure or use of information from any party
other than the authorized.

Second: You may allow us to use
your data later for marketing, research and analytical purposes to improve the
level of service and search results, and not to review any other party’s data
without your personal consent.

Thirdly, our website does not
show any data to buyers in public.

Fourthly: By filling out the
purchase application or registering on the site, you have allowed us to send
you all kinds of means that you have registered with, such as e-mail, mobile
phone, Facebook account, Facebook etc.

. Fifth: We may need
at some times to inform a third party in the marketing activity on some of our
data, so as not to leave the files saved

. VI. You may request
a legal entity or government agency in connection with any of your personal information
that you have registered or collected or modified by law and in accordance with
the law we are obliged to submit in accordance with the customary legal

Seventh: Sometimes we share your
information with a delivery company or collection or banks to facilitate
delivery, collection and credit. The registration form or purchase order will
be implicitly approved.

Eighth: Sometimes we may need to
use cookies to fetch interest data and visits and you can disable this feature
through your browser options

. Ninth: The exchange
of cookies data may occur with Google and its privacy policy should be reviewed
in this regard, which is information to develop the advertising and content

Payment terms:

1-visa/master card payment terms

Egmarketingclub uses a 3rd
party payment gateway provider with a 3d secure system which is
responsiple  of your payment data , we
have no chanse to see or stor your  cards
data or details.

A-by choosing pay
by(visa/mastercard) you agree and confirm that 
you / your company are the real owner of the card and you hold the full
responsipilty on it.

B-you agree and confirm to
provide us with any identity or legal documents when asked to.

C-you confirm that you are the
responsiple of any error or mislead information sent from you to the company’s

D-payment cant be refunded du
customer delay or mislead or wrong information

E- customer didn’t have the
right of asking refund after 15 days of transaction

F-in case of fraud the  customer must contact the payment gateway for
any questions and we have no resposipility for the amount charg back

                                          G-campaign starts after 15 days of receiving the money and final client approval                                                                   

Finally, the foregoing Terms may
be subject to change or change at any time to comply with the updated laws and
the service development process. We are committed to notify the data owners of
any change that will affect the Privacy Policy within 7 working days before
activation of the development.

When it comes to collecting
personal information from children under the age of 13, the e-marketing club
follows the COPPA rule, which states that online operators and services must
protect the privacy and safety of children online and we do not market For
children and adults under the age of 18.

Items that we do not work on
marketing for it.

Drugs and drugs of all kinds,
human organs, slave trade, alcohol and its products, tobacco and its
derivatives, any activity contrary to societal values ​​or public morals, any
activity that helps to seize the money of others, any activity related to
deceiving the owners of hopes such as network marketing.

Consumer Agreement:

1-By requesting an
advertising campaign through our website, you will be responsible for all the
contents of the campaign and its results.

2 – We do not refund any
purchases after the request three days and not the right of the client request
to cancel the campaign or publicity.

3. The client shall
acknowledge the safety of his professional papers and the licenses of the
product or service required for the publicity campaign

4. We do not market in
France, Korea or China

5 – The customer
undertakes to show all the product or service data in the place of publicity if
we request it within a maximum of three working days

6 – We do not assume in
the electronic marketing club any harm or damage caused to one of the users as
a result of the product or service the place of the contract or demand and is
borne by the applicant and implicitly acknowledges this.

7. Each advertising
campaign is subject to the law of the country of interest in the campaign.

8. The applicant shall
be liable for all that falls under the Consumer Protection Law and the
Electronic Crimes Law in his country and in the country of service.